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What To Expect

What To Expect With Pets At Peace

The first step of the process is an injection in the subcutaneous area or muscle. It can be helpful to give your pet a favorite treat or just distract them with love while I do this. Your pet will then fall into a deep sleep typically within 15 minutes. When they are in this deep sleep, they will not feel any pain or be aware of what is happening. I then give them an additional injection that will send them into a much deeper sleep and slow their heartbeat until they pass on peacefully. This will also take approximately 15 minutes.

I will then take your pet with me to where he or she will be transferred to the crematory. You can have the ashes returned to your regular veterinarian’s office for collection or to your home for an additional $25. The package includes your choice of one of the standard Urns and a pawprint of your pet. There are a variety of different ways to memorialize your pet for an additional fee on my website.

It typically will take 10-14 days for your pet to be ready to return to their home. You may also request not to have the ashes returned if that is what feels best for your individual beliefs.

If you have a pet that is particularly timid or aggressive to strangers, I can arrange for an oral medication to be given in food prior to the appointment.

Accommodations can be met to cater to the specific pet, personality, and disease process. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there are any additional modifications that can be done to make this process easier on the pet or guardian.

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